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Bulova Precisionist Watch Review

heres my evaluation of the Bulova Precisionist Look at. (information on Digicam and lens at bottom of description) The world’s most accurate watch with a repeatedly swee…

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  1. evidencebased1 says:

    Nigel, I am sure you are a good guy who means well. A couple suggestions: Either keep your watch on a solid object and focus or fix your focus and move the watch to your focal point. You can’t focus and move your watch at the same time. Also, it would be better to include measurement/stats instead of comparing to your finger. Finally, tell your experience about the review subject. Best luck in future reviews.

  2. d campbell says:

    your an idiot and that was a lame review! Stick in your index finger in your ass.

  3. smokey72444 says:

    You did not address the accuracy of the watch so this so called review is LAME in my book

  4. TLOZgamer says:

    Is it waterproof?

  5. Walter E. Kurtz says:

    Excellent watch, looks terrific.

    Although it looks very scratched up. I hope that’s caused by rough and careless handling, and that it doesn’t mean the watch is very sensitive and scratches easily.

    I got a headache from watching this video!
    Dude..learn how to operate your video camera before you make a youtube video please! Or get an auto-focus camera or something.