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BMW M6 G-Power vs BMW Alpina B6 vs BMW M6 ESS vs Cayenne Turbo S

Our 2nd channel: Генеральный партнер: SMP Racing ( Официальный партнер: Промсбербанк (http…
Movie Score: 4 / 5

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  1. Troy Donahue says:

    the M5

  2. Troy Donahue says:

    BMW-GT5= best car is have drivin in the game so far. amazing sound and everything.

  3. nícolas da silva barroso says:

    wtf bmw gtr

  4. Guilherme Brito says:

    4:20 GTR ALPHA 1500hp or M6 950hp???

  5. Crank Tat says:

    he didn’t actually go full on the throttle when starting off.

  6. MindstormMS says:

    перепутали картинку с результатами. 2:00 и 4:20

  7. HajoTanzmaster says:

    3:34 : i dont get it… all the runs before i thought the purple m6 dont have grip at the start because of rwd and 750hp. but why the m6 with 950hp has grip? better tires? better driver?

  8. Heiko Suelmann says:

    Can sombody please explain that for me? The G-Power is claimed 0 to 300 kmh in 26 sec. But he reached the finish line after 29 sec with a speed of 291 kmh, and it was his best rusult. Thats not even close to what it should be capable of, so I´m kinda confused.

  9. lucas Barreto says:

    4:21 I think that´s not a GT-R…

  10. HoubiDV says:

    Haha I would say that cost him some speed 😛

  11. HAMANNGTR says:

    What’s wrong with the purple M6 hood? 3:50

  12. jean carlo BALDERRAMA RETAMOZO says:

    correct erroneous race results..

  13. Gagandeep Singh says:

    Correct me if I am wrong, anyone else notice the partially open hood on the ESS M6 at 3:59?

  14. DieTutorialBrueder says:

    342.20 km/h

  15. Borchi33 says:

    bmw e60 v10
    and the porsche carrera gt
    are the best sounding cars of the entire planet

  16. ozatuba says:

    cmon bro its obviously a mistake

  17. devonyx says:

    -_- assholes I’ve also notice the failure from the computer check!!! such a mess..

  18. Sysanin Ivan says:

    в последнем заезде у фиолетовой бехи капот херово закрыли на одну сторону ) на 3мин 50 сек смотреть

  19. superfast30 says:

    V10 is BOSS!

  20. MikeGolfR32 says:

    Time from The second and Last Race have to switch

  21. Antropov Sergey says:

    Перепутаны результаты заездов во 2 и 4м.