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Blancpain Tourbillion Mechanical Watch – Assembly & Testing

Heres a brief video showing assembly and tests of a large finish Blancpain Tourbillion view.
Online video Score: 4 / 5

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  1. David McCollum says:

    Someone on a watch forum made a good point. If you have a cell phone, you already have a digital watch that is atomic and can change time zones and already has multiple other functions that a digital watch doesn’t have. With cell phones now, you don’t even need a watch, even a cheap digital one. So a mechanical watch isn’t about telling time. It’s more a piece of men’s jewely with fine craftsmanship and it’s more practical than some stupid gold chain or whatever.

  2. Carl Franklin says:

    @Z28muscle. First of all i wouldent call a noisy cheap ticking casio quarz wounderfull. Have you ever heared of a minute repeater? I think thats time and sound combined in a wounderfull way. And do you also get a such a grat feeling when you just look at your 12$ Quarz peice of shit when you could stare at a tourbillon for days? Yeah i also dont think so!

  3. rumax781 says:

    21 centry on backyard. HD video plz…

  4. drtwofake1 says:

    well made video thanks

  5. theredshore13 says:

    i saw a bubble

  6. Z28muscle says:

    But can you put your ear up to your cheap little Casio and hear a wonderful little ticking of time passing like you can on a mechanical watch?

    Yeah, didn’t think so.

  7. silentsniperrr says:


    its not a competition

  8. Luke Marine says:

    analogy-wise i could have done a better one

  9. silentsniperrr says:

    yeah but with a pc you can at least customize it. dont even go there. keep the topic on watches.

  10. Luke Marine says:

    i have a bulova that i got for my 18th birthday in 1956. it still runs. loses 1 min per day. 56 YEARS OLD STILL WORKS. does your casio do that? and its kinda like comparing a mac to a pc. the mac (mechanical watch) is expensive as hell and is not the most accurate thing in the world, but it is beautiful. on the other hand, you have a pc (quartz watch) everyone uses one they perform better than a mac for the price, and they are all the same- unintresting and boring. enough said.

  11. Johan Andersson says:

    Just got my Blancpain today, couldnt be more satisfeid, just saving up for a ferrari now, life is good.

  12. finaldestinyx says:

    i agree with hifisapi you completely miss the point. and also, whats the point of painting or drawing then? isn’t it just easier to take a picture? Next time, think before you say something

  13. Vot63 says:

    In life the journey is far more important than the arrival. It’s not so much what you do that’s important as how you do it. A mechanical watch tells the time with 99% accuracy using mechanical advantage, constructed with supreme ingenuity and powered by a mere twist of the thumb and forefinger. If you don’t think that that’s the stuff of wonder and amazement you have no appreciation of life.

  14. Desmond C says:

    that watch is probably more well-built than any US houses as well as able to hold its value better.

  15. roccotool says:

    Why wear a watch that 10 million other people have? And why waste money on batteries and new watches over a number of years? Find a good vintage one with jewels and you will be unique. Wear it for decades.

  16. Joseph C. says:

    You are seriously retarded. Should probably go to see a doctor.

  17. Nebraskahusker23 says:

    That’s actually pretty inexpensive as far as tourbillons go.

  18. strychninecologne says:

    this is basically comparable to saying you would rather buy a mass-produced paper poster of a supermodel than a “shitty quality” 1800s painting of some old guy, aka pretty much missing the point like hifisapi said

  19. THE16THPHANTOM says:

    $150.000 are you insane… i can buy a house with that kind of money.

  20. Pierre Putois says:

    What a waste of intelligence. All this brain for an inferior comment that has bad analysis. My stupid 12 years old redneck cousin has more relevancy than anything you can produce.

  21. screamosux says:

    The older quartz watches were better made, actually. But my point was that more material is used in the long run on a quartz watch than on a maintained mechanical (especially older ones).

    I don’t quite understand your reasoning for saying mechanicals are ‘inferior’ and have ‘bad accuracy’. The American railroad-approved watches from 100+ years ago had to be accurate to <±30 seconds a week, and they run just as accurately over a century later. I know this because I service them.

  22. Kg277 says:

    No, the cost of regular servicing and cleaning will still cost much more than the yearly 1.99 battery change. I have a $25 casio I still have, and this was made in the late 70’s early 80’s. So far that’s about 30 years. I don’t see why I won’t get another 30 years from it. But we shall see!

  23. screamosux says:

    Actually, the average quartz movement will not last more than 5-10 years. Buying 5-10 watches which will use at least double that in batteries which you will then throw away is much more of a waste of resources than buying a mechanical watch that will last for centuries (given it’s regularly serviced).