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Baume & Mercier – The new Hampton collection movie

Far more at Watch the devoted movie to the new Baume & Mercier Hampton …
Video Score: 4 / five

Click Here – – For twenty five% Off Outlined Cost! Baume & Mercier’s tale commences in 1830 in the Jura Mountains and reads like a correct …
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  1. Lorraine Bennett says:

    When was the PHI symbol taken off the /dial/face of the watch and placed on the crown? Also can you give me a source where I could research older BM ladies watches, say from the 1990’s. Thanks so much

  2. John Smith says:

    What are hipsters? And yes, we don’t like to take our cell phones out for everything. We also appreciate the craftsmanship put into constructing each of these Swiss movements.

  3. E Squid says:

    Looks very similar to a Tag Heuer Monaco



  5. baumeetmercier says:

    That’s the Phi symbol, each Baume & Mercier watch is engraved with the Greek letter Phi, a symbol of balance and perfection and a sign of recognition among Baume & Mercier connoisseurs.

  6. Sabbatini Andrea says:

    Bardzo sprytnie 😉 gg6741062 pozdrawiam

  7. 911zmogus says:

    wook me a while to realize this was a comercial

  8. jertay fallen says:


  9. ezekb3 says:

    The kids are awfully rich!

  10. MsRedgirl90 says:

    The music is wonderful!!

  11. Balogh Kristóf says:

    People still use watches? Such hipsters

  12. Sergei Mordovin says:

    Amazing !

  13. pm2702 says:

    love the music!

  14. MrsDeadSea says:

    I <3 that cute boy!


    what’s with the Greek Φ on the side?

  16. LQQK49 says:


  17. julio martinez (japiman) says:

    parece cuero de serpiente…. lindo en todo caso.

  18. weareitgirl says:

    Thanks! Will check it out.

  19. baumeetmercier says:

    Thank you!