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BAKKEN OIL BOOMTOWN! Dickinson, North Dakota

Update on progress in Dickinson, ND. Dickinson is a flourishing, expanding town with a booming economic climate in the heart of the Bakken Oil Subject. “One particular of the fastes…

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  1. 19erickpana says:

    People who say the oil boom is slowing down are just ignorant, im here right now and man ull be begging for a day off. Thats how busy we are.

  2. 19erickpana says:

    Stretch opportunity? There are plenty of them man im currently living up here in dickinson but i must warn u that this is not for everyone, the hours are long and weather conditions change very quick. I personally dont like it but gotta do what gotta do. Dickinson is not bad like people say, williston is bad though. Dickinson is a nice small town with almost everything u need. Just apply at rock water energy solutions, theyll give u a job but man people just quit cause this is tough very tough

  3. stretch says:

    experienced in construction 20 yrs,chemical QC lab tech 8yrs,ran water lab in Iraq,currently in Afghanistan in the MWR (Moral Wellness Recreation) any possibilities?

  4. Mike Schepper says:

    You should post this video along with your business,jobs,resume, connect with people,post video,jobs and more on bakken social dot com

  5. ClarksonsinUSA says:

    We will be arriving in Dickinson ND and staying at the Astoria Hotel July 3rd….Any tips about good place to work and stay long term???

  6. J. Kirby says:

    What company you working for? What kind of work is it? Let me know Im trying to get things lined up. I plan to be there for the first week of July

  7. Jacob Bridges says:

    im thinking about coming to ND and making enough money to move to colorado.. how practical is that ? whats the cost of living like in ND?

  8. harleypiper says:

    We know all about walmart and their shady,over bearing ,short changing ways.The documentary on The Discovery Channel, taught me everything I need to know .I wont be shopping there ever.

  9. Edward Byrne says:

    i have been a plumber for almost ten years and just got a job making more than i ever could anywhere else. plus my apartment and travel is paid for. not to mention my cousin got hired on with no experiance at all as a plumber makin 16 bucks an hour. i agree with rubixmaster if you apply yourselves and do the footwork before hand you will b fine

  10. Dirty231Glove says:

    lol are company pays us 3300 a week 2 weeks on 1 week off they pay for are flight food and room.were from Michigan. all i buy out there is cigs and shirts got it made

  11. Greg Jalbert says:

    Puppets of the oil/automobile/asphalt industries, free yourselves. Study the octopus that wants to control you: Automobile slavery: InternalCombustionBook . com — TheCorporation . com — EndOfSuburbia . com — Noam Chomsky: Manufacturing Consent : youtube . com/watch?v=PQhEBCWMe44 — Car Trouble: How to Fix It: vimeo . com/35167248 — CarFree . com

  12. rubixmaster5567 says:

    Going to Dickinson High School? That’s me! I love Dickinson i’ve applied at a lot of jobs here and got offers from all of them and im 16. So if you guys say you cant find jobs…. you’re really lazy :p

  13. Shawn Vera says:

    are u still doing ok out there?

  14. Jim Railbid says:

    There isn’t anything for jobs there. I don’t know why they keep saying they need experienced workers because they are not going to find them. Good luck. I like experienced certified welders and electricians for my contractor but working on the oil drilling rigs is a fucking no brainer. There are a lot of dumbasses out there right now and pretty soon it will slow down.

  15. Jim Railbid says:

    This will not last long because of the pos in the white house and North Dakotans were stupid enough to vote for that libtard senetor heitkamp over rick berg. How stupid are you people in ND. I was raised in Dickinson and it turned into a town full of religious wacko gold digging hypocrite snobby bitches. Christian? Right! The oil boom is going to die down and North Dakota will be full of ghost towns pretty soon. Its not worth it anyway. I stopped bidding and pulled my employees out of ND.

  16. Marshia Dodds says:

    I have focus groups being held in Williston, North Dakota regarding home improvement stores. All participants will receive $125 for their time. Men and women 25 to 60 years old. The focus group will consist of 9 per group and will be held at Microtel Inn and Suites by Wyndham Williston next to Wal-Mart. For details and to participate contact ELITE MARKET RESEARCH
    Marshia Dodds Hamilton 1-800-737-5390 x 51 Ask about our website