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Anthony Hamilton & Elayna Boynton – Freedom (Django Unchained OST) HD

Django Unchained: Authentic Soundtrack is the soundtrack to Quentin Tarantino’s motion picture Django Unchained. It was at first released on December eighteen, 20…
Video clip Score: four / 5

Driven by Allianz: Get Avenue Wise Allianz Fb Page – Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg examine how they use…

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  1. soikk zizo says:

    me to i came here from gareth bale video ^_^

  2. Paulo Arestegui says:


  3. Cian Byrne says:

    “You’re Heisenburg”

  4. markk6 says:

    gindhouse,sin city and four rooms are awesome too

  5. matrPL says:

    “You’re god damn right.”

  6. lusitana58 says:

    Very good movie and music

  7. LetsAttemptGames says:

    that wasnt the question he asked tho? are u that blind? he clearly said genre. Music genre and movie soundtracks are so different.

  8. Rasheed Ali Altair Hamed says:


  9. timmian85 says:

    Niggercoon music.. Pretty good

  10. hooloinnit says:

    looking for more music that was made specifically for a movie? try the soundtrack

  11. Jesse Summers says:

    Tarantino only releases good movies…

  12. hooloinnit says:

    shit troll

  13. Antonio Sanchez says:

    Crap song, shit movie.

  14. LetsAttemptGames says:

    kinda does when ur looking for more music like this. butt out if ur not gonna say anything productive.

  15. rowan goodinson says:

    you forget dusk till dawn

  16. hooloinnit says:

    does it matter?

  17. noclones says:

    That’d be a mix of blues and soul, but to be honest it’s quite hard to define 🙂
    One thing is sure, this is some good stuff 😛

  18. Fluxy Fluxh says:

    Which genre is this music?

  19. Chance Ly says:

    Defiance Trailer

  20. 1ZoneDrop says:

    As much as you like in Practice and Quali

  21. Ivan Buratov says:

    Hi! I’m James.I did -45 lbs past 2 weeks.Open

  22. Ahiachebel says:

    No, if you try to activate DRS and you are not within a gap of a second from the car in front, the wing doesn’t open at all. It’s controlled by the race directors who have telemetries and all kind of support for knowing when a pilot can use it. And if you press the DRS button before the white line (and you are within a second) you can get penalised

  23. allianz says:

    Great question TheOlivercent! Let us pass on the official regulations 🙂

    During the race, the drivers may only activate it when they are within the designated DRS zones and within one second of the car in front at the DRS detection point. DRS is available for use after two laps, but the race director may choose to suspend its use in poor weather conditions or if there are yellow flags in the DRS activation zone.
    Is this helpful for you? On you will find more insights.

  24. TheOlivercent says:

    how many times you can use DRS in one race? 

  25. leccile says:

    what if the beep didn’t gave its signal? Will it still be usable when you badly need to push the button?

  26. tagjess says:

    Looking good guys. Wish you luck on your next race.

  27. MarkJohn2056 says:

    that DRS surely is pretty cool  and good luck Lewis and Nico

  28. princesslara111 says:

    I love you Lewis and Nico <3

  29. reinard000 says:

    Its actually my first to see up close a formula one with such technology (DRS) but its surely is interesting to see this f1 in action.

  30. TheF1weekly says:

    Go Team Mercedes…

  31. Brad Johnson says:

    good luck Lewis and Nico..

  32. Vise Brian says:

    I <3 Nico..