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adidas Originals | unite all Originals

A-Trak and So Me clash talents and sample life to deliver in a new style for adidas Originals. For more collisions of artwork and fashion hit up the adidas collider…

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  1. minecrafteer03 says:

    Adidas kill nike

  2. MiniMartMob says:

    Adidas are fucken great specially there skate shoes !!

  3. HoseB611 says:

    Underarmor > Adidas

  4. MsCarmite says:

    Whoever suggested the Unite All Originals campaign for Adidas must have gotten one hell of a raise!

  5. stevieee01 says:

    adidas over nike

  6. DJ SemParatus says:

    I hate Adidas but nice song and I like that “girl bicycle gang” haha!

  7. Winky92000 says:

    Great commercial, still won’t buy anything of this brand.

  8. Theblackflash321 says:

    Nas spits fire. Literally lol

  9. Marku TheSpaz says:

    LMAO 0:53 His pants are ripped of ahahhaha

  10. Assassin040 says:

    Music is “Landline 2.0” by A-Trak feat. GTA

  11. 'Abdul Wafi says:

    Skrillex or what?

  12. Mosa Ljoze says:

    All casuals and ultras love ADIDAS!

  13. Mike Bozza says:

    I want a download

  14. ivasanchik says:


  15. Alyssa Bernal says:

    Lol love this 0:53 the guys pants are riped