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9073_#2 Mont-Blanc Voie Normale refuge du Goûter sommet juin 2012

Mont-Blanc voie normale juin 2012 element 2… Départ du refuge du Goûter sur la commune de Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc… Arrivée au Mont-Blanc via le refuge Vall… Enjoy the magnific footages from the speed using of Mont Blanc, French Alps. Mont Blanc indicating -White Mountain-, i…

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  1. Blaise Matile says:

    Le refuge Vallot est-il toujours aussi délabré?

  2. Blaise Matile says:

    Je regrette que certaines prises de vue obliques ont été faites pour accentuer la pente… mais ce jour-là, l’arête des Bosses semblait bien plus effilée que d’habitude avec la neige fraîche soufflée; les nuages en forme de pileus enveloppant les crêtes soufflées renforcent cet aspect impressionnant et le vent ne donne pas envie de s’arrêter longtemps au sommet!

  3. Blaise Matile says:

    La voie la plus facile passe par les Grands Mulets, à skis, car les crevasses sont bien plus présentes sur le glacier des Bossons! Cet itinéraire permet s’éviter la pente sous le refuge du Goûter, vertigineuse et très exposée aux chutes de pierres… mais depuis les Grands Mulets jusqu’au sommet du Mont Blanc, il y a presque 1800m de dénivellation et le passage par l’arête des Bosses…

  4. flostadler says:

    nice video! i get cold just by watching it and hearing the winds… nice to be alone on the bosses ridge, a rare occurence 🙂

  5. kagh123 says:

    What the song played from the beginning of the video

  6. innismor11 says:

    Something else for my bucket list.

    Dang, that list is getting long! I better get at it.

  7. innismor11 says:


    The side of YouTube without all the incessant crappy adverts.

  8. Viewfromyoffice says:

    Hmmm France is pretty strict on having a paragliding licence before you can even try this as are most countries. They handle very different from a parachute canopy.

  9. Shadow383 says:

    It’s really not that difficult – speedwings aren’t super-hard to fly – get a few skydives to get a feel for handling a canopy and do a little bit of skiing and you’ll have all the experience you need to give it a go.

  10. KomarEvgeniy says:

    What is the song on 4:51?

  11. Sarah Carrez says:

    There is no word in any language of the world to describe it …… “Awesome” is not enough…

  12. senya0380 says:

    This is the 5th time I am watching this 10 minutes video -
    beautiful place, music, editing…and of course – sport.

  13. jdogsful says:

    this is one of the most amazing things i never knew existed. This is almost as amazing as the wingsuit landing without the need for deploying a chute.

  14. Luisa Bentzen says:

    Alright one more thing I need to add to my bucket list. Wow, and what a breath taking song!

  15. Arash Nikookar says:

    what am i doing with my life?

  16. Mazzter101 says:

    OMG! I want to do this one day…

  17. realtalker2012 says:

    if heavens anything less than this, i dont want to go!

  18. 21stellaluna says:

    This must feel like being in heaven

  19. IcelandicPsycho says:

    reminds me of intouchables