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1960 Volkswagen Custom Bus

This 1960 tailored VW bus is just the issue for the man who needs something a minor distinct. It is not a quantities matching early Corvette, or even a limi…
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  1. Balertwine says:

    Dumb ass. The engine’s not in the front, it’s not front-wheel drive, you retarded idiots. With the wheelie gear it’s obvious even to a groundhog that it has to have rear-wheel drive. STUPID BEYOND BELIEF.

  2. cata cata says:

    cat de repede vorbeste asta =))))

  3. pointnozzleaway says:

    no surf racks ??

  4. Anders Karlsson says:

    What is wrong with this retarded auctioneer, is he trying to make a rap-song or what? How is it possible to hear anything about this..? Idiots!!!

    Yeah even about the bus, idiots.

    Sick americans

  5. ozcaferacer says:

    WTF is the auctioneer saying?!
    He sounds like he has the worse stutter imaginable and combined with a severe case of bilpolar motormouth.
    It’s neither entertaining nor funny. It’s pitiful.

    The bus? Shame they had to do what they did to a reasonably rare unit.

  6. Henk1560 says:


  7. Vincenzo19901218 says:

    stupid american barbarian people 🙁

  8. 87tunj says:


  9. Smileyflyer says:

    Aaaaaaarghhhhhhh!!! hope, this is just a nightmare?

  10. buttmanroad says:

    Is this the Gay Retard Auction?

  11. Rokkbert says:

    the problem with shorty buses is that they handle like pigs

  12. Minus42Zero says:

    If your going to make a short bus don’t use a split window bus, use a bay window. Splits should not be abused like this. Stop wrecking them in movies too they can be driven by someone who really wants it and wants to treat the car good. These are getting harder to find. Restore them don’t destroy them.

  13. Paul Hetherton says:

    that is very unusual apart from a very unusual beetle called outrage 3 i saw on a vw video, supposed to be the fastest beetle on the planet. i have a 56 oval beetle and a 67 type 2 split screen camper,

  14. 2008calander says:

    They actually made a VW bus look worse.

  15. bava67 says:

    I think I had a bad dream about that last night.