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Thierry Stern of Patek Philippe Talks Luxury Watches

Fourth generation Patek Philippe watchmaker and Vice President of the organization, Thierry Stern talks to Jessica Michault of the Intercontinental Herald Tribune in Basel, Switzerland. Patek provides a bit of background on the household-operate enterprise, talks about Patek Philippe’s classic models and feedback on the trend of a lot more complications seen in women’s watches. For much more on the most current in trend, examine out! You can also follow Jessica at http
Movie Rating: four / five

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  1. Steve D says:

    One day I will own a Patek and will pass it on to my children. Truly amazing and love the workmanship in these pieces.

  2. haomiaoliu says:

    Yeah, right… “You always know the time…” Hahaha!!

  3. haomiaoliu says:

    People are not looking for a classic watch; they are looking for a Patek Philippe!

  4. jessicamichault says:

    Yes he is very sweet and it was so nice talking to him about passing on his watches to his kids one day. Makes you want to only buy Patek. Thanks for the comment! Jessica


    What a nice guy Thierry is! So polite and nice…. Makes me proud to wear the brand.