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Start/Select – Dead Island, Dawnguard, Square Enix Tech Demo

Jane and Johnny search at the release date for the 1st Skyrim DLC, see what the subsequent Ultimate Fantasy could appear like, and speculate on Lifeless Island: Riptide. Subscribe to GameSpot’s E3 Present for complete coverage: Watch Begin/Pick – Watch Key Code – View Escape from Mount Silly – Like us on Facebook – Follow us on Twitter –
Movie Ranking: 4 / 5

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  1. Poodleinacan says:

    Can’t wait to get the game, finish it, and install a mod (which one of firend on steam knows a guy that made a mod for Dead Island (the mod enables us to modify anything(jump height, swing speed…anything)))… And then, with my friend, we’re gona try to find places people aren’t supposed to acces normally.

  2. troykinz says:

    Dead island for the win there’s so much more content in it hopefully the original makers step up and help make there game because there’s still a few infected left.

  3. imPetchiii says:

    fuck you guys, dead island beats shiity cos zombies. dont be so sarcastic about it

  4. ultradude153 says:

    Disliked cause they were being sarcastic retards towards dead island

  5. ultradude153 says:

    Dead island was BOSS

  6. Ryan Da Silva says:

    Dead island was one of my most addictive games where i got every achiemwnt incl. DLC 🙂 even if this ones similar it will be gud still but im shur it will improve in ways.

  7. superdudeman01 says:

    Hmm maybe. I got a four pack with my friends, but I also played it on my own 🙂 I just hope that Dead Island 2 is better 🙂

  8. ezioassassain says:

    its only fun with friends who have the game

  9. GoldSkylander says:

    Im from the UK And My local Game store is called “game” there you can pre-order riptide link —- —- make sure to type in dead island

  10. GoldSkylander says:

    I wonder where riptide will be set

  11. pipboy3000je says:

    Dead island got boring way to easily hope they add lot more levels and skills but overall was fun while it lasted

  12. TheJairjedi says:

    @randomshit168 Homerun baseball bat= most overpowered weapon. I was a total badass with it I could blast through any level

  13. TheJairjedi says:

    @Nozomi Suzuki If you liked run around and killing zombies and hacking off limbs then it was alright

  14. ZA Gamer says:

    Random, be quiet. I agree, the game was good, but Mist is right about the acting as well as the one dimensional combat, and besides, he/she should have a right to state an opinion. So can we please just all get along.

  15. ZA Gamer says:

    I think the most likely plots for Dead Island 2: Riptide, will be that the same four survivors end up washed up on another island due to the monsoon everyone talked about, or that they will make it to a major city or country, and the village girl, Yerema, spreads the plague everywhere else even if she is immune, she is a virus carrier as SJN explained in his briefing. So the game is going to be longer and more item-throwing than the last one, but I love this game so I’d do anything to get it.