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How Ulysse Nardin Makes Watches Part 4

This is part 4 of a wonderful corporate film developed by Ulysse Nardin displaying how they generate mechanical look at actions and other observe parts at their facilities in Switzerland. What you see are views from different steps of the view creation process as properly as how distinct challenging factors are made. Ulysse Nardin generates higher-stop watches, which in contrast to inexpensive timepieces, needs a great deal of time and human intervention to produce. Be sure to enjoy this movie section and view the rest of the components in the series. For a lot more data please check out Ulysse Nardin observe testimonials & editorial @ http
Movie Rating: five / 5

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  1. KOSMASM88 says:

    This is called art and passion!

  2. Westfak says:

    Да восхитительно !

    translation: Yes delicious !

  3. Rami65765 says:

    Awesome, breath away.