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How Ulysse Nardin Makes Watches Part 2

This is element two of a amazing company movie created by Ulysse Nardin demonstrating how they make mechanical watch actions and other view components at their facilities in Switzerland. What you see are views from different measures of the watch production approach as properly as how distinct challenging elements are created. Ulysse Nardin provides high-end watches, which unlike affordable timepieces, demands a great bargain of time and human intervention to manufacture. Remember to enjoy this video section and watch the rest of the parts in the sequence. For far more data please check out Ulysse Nardin look at testimonials & editorial @ http

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  1. Sergio Germán Stinco says:

    Very interesting video. I love watches for more than 50 years…

  2. aBlogtoRead says:

    Actually it has nothing to do with that. Not my style to do stuff like that to make people watch more ads. The video is cut up because we are doing a series of them on the website – with one new video shown each week. That meant having to upload six different videos. Sorry about not having them all up at once everyone.

  3. aBlogtoRead says:

    OK, now YouTube won’t let me comment… 

  4. H0tPickups says:

    Yes it did. Maybe I should wait until the Blueray directors cut with commentary is released, because I have no idea what I was going on 80% of the time. Ps. A blog to read is awesome, but not these videos. ; )

  5. weezernod says:

    The music is pretty nice too.

  6. kodkaful says:

    their watches are expensive because they are bacteria free. No one wants to contract a disease while touching his mouth with his watch.