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Columbine Shooting: The Final Report 1/5

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Video Ranking: 4 / 5

one. Display Me A God :00 2. The Warning (Skit) 3:forty three 3. Demons (featuring 3 six Mafia) 4:14 4. Blackened The Solar nine:37 five. Peculiar Audio Box (featuring Brotha Lynch Hung & Krizz Kaliko) 14:03 six. Sundae (Skit) 18:14 seven. Check out Yo Temperature (featuring Sundae & T-Nutty) 18:39 eight. B. Boy (showcasing Massive Scoob, Bumpy Knuckles, Kutt Calhoun & Skatterman) 23:ten 9. Hunterish (featuring Irv Da Phenom & Krizz Kaliko) 28:39 10. The Decide on Up (Skit) 32:26 11. In The Trunk 33:41 12. Pinocchiho 38:06 13. Horns (showcasing King Gordy & Prozak) forty:17 14. Interview With Jason Whitlock (Skit) 44:sixteen 15. It Was An Accident (showcasing Alan Wayne) 46:37 sixteen. Shadows On The Highway fifty:22 17. Very low fifty three:50 18. Messages (Skit) 57:23 19. Killing You 59:02 twenty. Depart Me Alone 01:02:38 21. Prayer – By Brother KT (Skit) 01:06:31 22. KOD (featuring Mackenzie O’Guin) 01:07:14 23. The Martinin (featuring Krizz Kaliko) 01:12:26
Movie Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. johnnygews says:

    Lynnann why eric?not dylan?

  2. LynnAnn1100 says:

    bathtownship, I love the way you admitted adding to my “freinds” list on face book and Youtube but supposedly hate me…It shows even more how pathetic you are and what a lifeless loser you are…Thanks for spending so much time on me, it’s your time in which you have, I am glad I am effecting you this bad with my Eric comments. This is so funny LMAO. and you are probably a fake cowardly back stabber too which shows even more how pathetic you are…Adding to my face book, lifeless loser LMAO

  3. bathtownship says:

    Im friends with you lynnann but don’t know who i am u joker, what are u going to do banish all your youtube facebook friends, i will never be got, im under the rader.

  4. LynnAnn1100 says:

    Eric Harris <333333

  5. D3adleavez says:

    people killed people before guns as well…so people kill people with hands/knives/anything else you can imagine.

  6. SICMAGGOTS515 says:

    it would of been fun chilling with eric and dylan.

  7. scanlon645 says:

    The police – truly wonderful at their job that day wernt they? Their as guilty as the killers if not more so! Useless cowardly bastards!

  8. gAWESOME09 says:


  9. Luke Milton says:

    These kids were SICKO’S!!!

  10. LynnAnn1100 says:

    Adorable and handsome Eric Harris <3333

  11. John Bobie says:

    let this be living proof that you don’t mess with people…
    I don’t mean to sound rash, but if you all did research on this event the warning signs were there. The students including teachers bullied these kids. These two men were not stupid one bit. And for you people who are talking about gun control, please get the hell out of America and kiss my ass!

  12. EnatahNE says:

    Why would somebody do this?

  13. Zyzzzzyx says:

    Exactly, theres no punishment for it either so they made one themselves

  14. Cat Kirs says:

    being bullied isnt okay but that doesnt mean you can just go killing people

  15. Elizabeth S. says:

    Wow. That’s crazy how Patrick was able to survive gunshots to the head. That doesn’t happen often.

  16. cdnutter says:

    are you kidding me, so your saying if you bullied me i could kill you…… play too many games.

  17. BigDogJang0 says:

    Schools have existed since ancient times, so I wonder if there were any school attacks of a similar nature back then. Imagine some kids in medieval France coming into a school wearing armor and killing a bunch of other kids with swords.

  18. johnsondelilah37 says:

    The bullying as to end nobody should lose there life over bullying

  19. spongebobfan190 says:

    Why is this age restricted?

  20. austin09jj says:

    I wouldent kill random poeple. Rather my bullys

  21. MisterLambs says:

    They were bullied, mostly how most school shootings end up.

  22. meisterluigimario says:

    poor eric and dylam they was 2 good guys i dont know why they killed all that people i cant remember so much about the columbine massacre i was in that town in that school that was a nigthmare that i dont want to remember

  23. AstroWaldo says:

    Yes, guns are easier to kill, which is why people like using them because not every elderly grandama can defend herself from a 6’3 250 man breaking into her house. And let’s say illegally obtained guns were out of this whole hypothical society, crime would still not stop.

  24. martialartist4real says:

    you are a dumb ass, so if i get bullied, i am going to kill tons of people because i have the right, some who are innocent, and these guys weren’t even bullied, or treated bad, you never have the right to kill a living thing, you are fucking messed up in the head

  25. Murphy Dolce says:

    Look liek a good time

  26. Brandon Olson says:

    yes the new k.o.d album is going to be called boiling point #technician

  27. Sychthe says:

    Blackened sun and demons are my favourite songs in this album

  28. ModernDayBeast says:

    Subscribe 2 >>> The Modern Day
    >>>>Rapid-Fire Speed Music<<<<

  29. Austin Eby says:

    actually its a kod tribute. it has the anger, madness and the hole

  30. alpombre says:

    Happy birthday Tech N9ne!

  31. 23itzBaRbiEbiTCh23 says:

    reminds me of my ex bf when we used to talk all nite ! and he used to play all tech n9ne sonqs 🙁 i miss him 🙁

  32. Gorybloodfest says:

    i couldnt buy it but downloaded it and uploaded it to my second account and now i got striked so i cant upload anything for a while.

  33. arkellproductions says:

    If possible, could you upload it?

  34. 23itzBaRbiEbiTCh23 says:

    bad ass 🙂

  35. KDthunder2009 says:

    Its actually Boiling Point. EBAH is not from KOD

  36. dante evil says:

    i love the darkness of this album, it inspire me

  37. Myke -J Maddness says:

    this is my favorite album…!!

  38. mpitts87 says:

    Told you ebah wasn’t the kod album, boiling point was…..

  39. Tanis Horton says:


  40. darryl Moneyhan says:

    thanks for uploading this bro

  41. TheWoze33 says:

    god dammit i love you

  42. Joseph Foley says:

    Tech said in an interview it has “KOD collections” on it because the King of Darkness was writing it. Its all brand new music. TECHNICIANS!!!!

  43. charlienap94 says:

    it’s not really “part of K.O.D.” it’s just a dark EP. imo there’s no connection other than Tech trying to tie them together with “K.O.D. collection”. Lost Scripts and Seepage were part of K.O.D. because they were leftover beats, but Boiling Point is just its own project with “K.O.D.” stamped on it. All original instrumentals, no leftover beats, at least that’s how I see it.

  44. plaso says:


  45. plaso says:

    leave me alone

  46. MadMagReviews23 says:

    1. K.O.D, 2. Lost Scripts, 3. Seepage, 4. Boiling Point