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Chrome Event 12/7/10 (1 of 4) – Chrome Browser

Online video footage from the Chrome occasion on twelve/07/ten. Sundar Pichai, Merchandise Administration Guide for Chrome provides updates on Chrome and announces approaching speed enhancements for Chrome.
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  1. lovelplants says:

    love you chrome.. :)

  2. rifall says:

    It could also be that your connection is just slow. I don’t know how they get chrome to be that fast. It freekin sucks wherever I go.

  3. rifall says:

    I can go super fast on Mozilla. And Safari. that’s why I don’t need Chrome.

  4. rifall says:

    In fairness, everything will look fast in the demo when they’re using specs that are 4x as good as yours. Then you go home to use it and you’re disappointed.

  5. SHANY OSMAN says:

    I would prefer American accent..

  6. layzergun says:

    That’s because it runs in flash

  7. Christobanistan says:

    Don’t go to the page before I’m finished!

  8. EFT4MeDebi says:

    Dear Google, How come I haven’t gotten my royalty checks yet? It’s been 5 yrs since I wrote to U & suggested this. I save all my e-mails. I was looking at some Google employment videos. U where getting 1000’s of resumes. So I wrote “If U have so many smart people working there, how come nobodies invented the Google computer? An easy to use, low cost laptop just 4 surfing the web? So seniors & people with no computer experience can just log on?…Did you lose my address? Still waiting, Debi

  9. megamaxsterful says:

    this video is 21 min. and for us is the limit 15 min.!

  10. dillonownsrs says:

    What theme is that? Inbox me.

  11. A7llaman says:

    Web GL work better on FireFox
    on chrome 30fps
    on FireFox 55fps

  12. theredscourge says:

    I can haz jawascript that is “foofty ex ass fast as web browsers were just two years ago”?

  13. quachingducks says:

    uh, why did the people using Chrome OS drop down in the beggining?